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In todays fast changing and demanding economy where every cent and every minute you spend counts, there has never been a better time to reconsider your car spending and take advantage of the car leasing services that we offer at ASTRA Leasing.

If you have ever been a car owner or intend to be, you should be aware of the capital, the variable costs and the time required obtaining, maintaining, insuring, repairing and eventually selling a vehicle.

ASTRA Leasing specializes in providing car leasing services (using the Contract Hire method*) that will automatically guarantee to enhance your cash flow, drastically reduce your vehicle spending and save a great deal of valuable time while changing your cars with newer ones will be much faster than now.

We have an extensive clientele ranging from individuals and small companies to banks and Government organizations.

Companies that have decided to lease vehicles from us, today enjoy the following benefits:

  • Full Maintenance & Repairing of their vehicle: We make sure it is serviced, maintained and repaired regularly and whenever is needed at the highest safety and quality standards at no extra cost.
  • Change of Tyres: We renew and replace all tyres whenever needed throughout the contract at no extra cost.
  • Insurance: We make sure the client is covered with a Full Comprehensive Insurance at all times at no extra cost.
  • Car Replacement: If, for any reason, the vehicle is immobilized either due to breakdown, service or even accident, we immediately replace it with another vehicle at no extra cost.
  • Accident Handling: We handle all procedures with the police, the insurance companies, etc. and we provide the client with another courtesy car until the original car is fixed at no extra cost.
  • 24-hour road support: Our service covers clients on a 24/7 basis at no extra cost.
  • Car Renewal: We provide clients with a new car when the contract duration is over at a similar price.


* Contract Hire is vehicle leasing for a fixed period of time at a fixed (usually monthly) rental. The rental is calculated by taking the vehicle depreciation, taxation, estimated mileage coverage and all the other services you require such as a maintenance package, insurance, road recovery, etc.

Interested in Leasing with us?

Please email our Leasing Department on leasing@astragroup.com.cy or call our central number at our head office on 22558201 to talk to a representative in any town.

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