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If you are currently a client of ASTRA Leasing, this section will help you in anything regarding your car and the service ASTRA can provide you. All operations are carried out under the protective umbrella of ASTRA Self Drive Cars Ltd.

We consider the best possible service to be our duty and your access to one of the ASTRA Leasing staff for any question or information our priority.

It is best to spend some time in getting famirialized with the basic principals of our company regarding our services. It will help you in receiving a faster and a more reliable service. Therefore, we would like you to read this guide and inform us of anything you may need.


24-hour Cyprus Wide Number: 77 77 78 00

Emergency Telephone Numbers:

ASTRA Leasing: 77 77 78 00

ASTRA Self Drive Cars Ltd: 77 77 78 00

Police: 112 or 199

In case of an accident: Call RescueLine on 77 77 86 86, and ASTRA on 77 77 78 00

Airports Information: 77 77 88 33


Contact Information:

Customer Service - Tel.: 77 77 78 00     Fax: 22 77 26 48    Email:

Car Rental Reservations - Tel.: 22 55 82 01    Fax: 22 77 26 48    Email:

Leasing Information - Tel.: 22 55 82 36    Fax: 22 45 91 88    Email:

Accounts Department - Tel.: 22 55 82 39    Fax: 22 45 91 88    Email: 




1, Metochiou Street

1101 Nicosia

Tel.: 22 55 82 01



Arrivals Hall (24-hour service)

Tel.: 22 55 81 20



Arrivals Hall

Tel.: 22 55 81 70



Arch. Makarios III Avenue


Tel.: 22 55 81 00



Georgiou A Avenue, Seagate Court

Tel.: 22 55 81 60



Marina Court, Apostole Paul Avenue, Kato Paphos, 8046 Paphos

Tel.: 22 55 81 30



16, Dionysiou Solomou Street, 5330 Ayia Napa

Tel.: 22 55 81 70




Required Car Documents

You are required to have the following documents in the glove compartment of your car during the period of lease:

  • Rental Agreement
  • Owners manual
  • Your Drivers License
Please advise your nearest ASTRALeasing™ branch if any of the documents is missing.
Car Maintenance & Repair

In case your car needs maintenance or repair:

  • Inform the nearest branch or dial 77 77 78 00.
  • A courtesy car will be provided if your car needs to stay in garage for more than 3 hours.
  • Make sure you remove all valuables from vehicle.

It is your responsibility to make sure that the servicing and maintenance periods are kept as strictly as possible. Damages to body or engine due to negligence are not covered by any insurance scheme.

Tyre Replacement

Tyres are generally changed when the tread is worn down to 1mm. If you feel that the tyres on your vehicle need to be replaced, inform the nearest ASTRALeasing™ branch with the following information:

  • Tyre Size
  • Kilometre reading
  • Drivers / Company Name
  • Car Model
  • Registration Number
  • Area
  • Contact Phone Number
Car Accessories Replacement

For any new accessory you may need in your car, you must have ASTRALeasing™ approval. We will provide you with the necessary information you will need, help you with the procedures and also help you in receiving a discount from our collaborators for the accessories.

  • Please read carefully your damage cover documentation.
  • Note that any insurance policy does not cover the underbody, tyres and windshield of the car.
  • Damage cover does not cover lost accessories from the car (wheel brace, jack, tools, radio, etc).
  • The excess of the damage cover is payable by the driver only if the third party (if any) is not obliged to pay.

In case of Theft:

  • You must contact the Police immediately on 112 or 199
  • Call the nearest ASTRALeasing™ branch or 77 77 78 00
  • You must send within 24 hours the accident report
  • You MUST give back the keys of the car


In case of partial Theft:

  • You must contact the Police on 112 or 199 in order to send the forensic team for fingerprints and make a complaint report.
  • Call ASTRALeasing™ on 77 77 78 00 and report the partial theft.
  • You must fill in the accident report and send it to the nearest ASTRALeasing™ branch or by fax to 22 77 26 48.
Damages & Accidents

Damages to a vehicle can be caused in any of the following three ways:

  • Damage by accident with a Third Party
  • Damage done by driver with no Third Party involved
  • Damage done by unknown Third Party


It is important that Astra Self Drive Cars Ltd is informed of all damages when they happen.


In all above cases the procedure is standardized with little exceptions.


The information below will help you with any problems that may arise. It is imperative that ALL the procedures below are followed.

· DO NOT take the blame or responsibility.

· DO NOT sign any papers or give money to anyone.

· Inform the Police on 112 or 199

· Inform ASTRALeasing™ on 77 77 78 00


Both drivers must exchange the following:

  • Registration numbers of cars involved in accident
  • Make & Model of cars
  • Name, Surname and fathers name of driver
  • Home Address
  • Telephone numbers (home, work, etc)
  • Company if car is owned by a company
  • Insurance company and telephone number
  • I.D. or Passport Number


If you have a camera or smartphone, please take a photo of the accident.


All above are to be taken to the nearest Astra Self Drive Cars Ltd branch or faxed to the Accident Department on 22 459188. Once all details are taken and the authorities informed, we will inform you on how to proceed for the repair of your vehicle.

Do not neglect your car repair. It must be in the best condition at all times.


Interested in Leasing with us?

Please email our Leasing Department on or call our central number at our head office on 22558201 to talk to a representative in any town.

7777 7800

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